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Kirby Fighters 2 ROM Download For Nintendo Switch Emulator

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Kirby Fighters 2 ROM download for Nintendo Switch emulator. Download the YUZU emulator to play this game on Windows PC. We are providing a direct download link to this game. You just need a Switch emulator and ROM file which are provided below. The USA English version of Kirby Fighters 2 ROM is provided in this post. It is developed by HAL Laboratory and Vanpool and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch video game console. It was released worldwide on September 23, 2020, in all key regions. It is the direct sequel to Kirby Fighters Deluxe. You can download the ROM file of this game as well as the Nintendo Switch emulator using the below direct download link provided here.


Kirby Fighters 2 is much like its predecessor Kirby Fighters Deluxe. It is a platform-fighting game where the objective is to reduce all opponents’ health to zero before the same is done to you. There is a total of 22 playable characters of which 17 are Kirby and 5 other characters are referred to as “buddies” each with different move-sets which give them various advantages. Choose from a cast of Kirby’s most iconic abilities including the brand new Wrestler ability and be the last Kirby standing. Familiar friends and foes like Bandana Waddle Dee and King Dedede also make an appearance as playable characters. Meta Knight and King Dedede have teamed up with gauntlet to challenge Kirby. Fight alongside a buddy to scale the tower.

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Kirby Fighters 2 screenshot

Download Kirby Fighters 2 ROM For Nintendo Switch Emulator

You can easily download the Kirby Fighters 2 version ROM for free by using the direct download link provided here. Play this awesome game on your Windows Computer by downloading the Nintendo Switch emulator which is YUZU and Kirby Fighters 2 ROM file from here. Up to four players can battle on the same system, with local wireless, or online. Choose a free-for-all or team battle and customize the rules to your liking. Earn fighters points as you play to level up your fighter rank to unlock abilities, characters and stages. You’ll even unlock Rare Hats that change the look of certain copy abilities. You just have to run the ROM file from inside the emulator to play the game.

Kirby Fighters 2 version
ROM NameKirby Fighters 2
File Size1.11 GB
ConsoleNintendo Switch
GenreAction, Platform

How To Play Kirby Fighters 2 ROM On Windows System

  1. You need a Nintendo Switch emulator for Windows to run this ROM.
  2. So first download the Nintendo Switch emulator from the above direct link.
  3. Also, download the Kirby Fighters 2 ROM file and extract the zip file to run in the emulator.
  4. Open the Nintendo Switch Emulator named YUZU on your PC and locate the ROM file from inside the emulator.
  5. Adjust the configuration settings like display and controls before running the game.
  6. Now click on the play button to run the game. Within a few seconds, your game will be started.


As you know that the purpose of sharing this blog is to provide the direct download link of the Kirby Fighters 2 ROM and Nintendo Switch emulator file. On this page, you will find the ROM as well as the emulator files with direct download links. There is a story mode which involves King Dedede and Meta Knight challenging Kirby and a buddy to a duel on a tower referred to as the Buddy Fighters Tower. This story mode takes place in five distinct chapters, which has Kirby and his buddy facing several battles in succession while recovering in-between and choosing items to power up along the way to the tower’s “Summit”. So download the game and enjoy it on your PC.

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