Kirby Squeak Squad ROM Free Download For Nintendo DS

Download Kirby Squeak Squad ROM free for the Nintendo DS emulator. It is a platform video game of the Kirby series. You can play this game on your computer with the help of an emulator. We are sharing a ROM file by which you can easily play this game for free on your Windows PC. You don’t require any extra tools or files to download. Just emulator and ROM file shared by us is needed to play the game. The initial release date was November 2, 2006. The game is for the US region and in the English language. The game was developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo. The other versions for different regions are also available.


Kirby Squeak Squad has similar gameplay like other Kirby series. You can move the Kirby in different directions, Jump, crouch and run. In this game, Kirby is able to copy the abilities of certain enemies by inhaling and swallowing them. The players can combine certain abilities in this game similar to Hoshi No Kirby. A new concept to Kirby games introduced in this game is the Copy Scrolls, which power-up any power that Kirby has when chosen. The game includes various levels and each level contains various treasure chests. At the end of the level, you will face a boss fight. You have to defeat the boss to go to the next level.

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kirby squeak squad rom gameplay

Download Kirby Squeak Squad ROM For Nintendo DS Emulator

You can play this game easily on your Windows PC by downloading the ROM file as well as the emulator. Both the download links are shared below. Just one click is required to download the files. We have uploaded the Kirby Squeak Squad ROM file to high-speed servers so you won’t face any downloading issues. We have also shared the step by step tutorial to run this game. So download the ROM file of Kirby Squeak Squad for free and enjoy the game on your PC.

kirby squeak squad rom
ROM NameKirby Squeak Squad
File Size13.37 MB
ConsoleNintendo DS

How To Play Kirby Squeak Squad ROM On Windows PC

  1. First you have to download the Nintendo DS emulator which is available above.
  2. Then download the Kirby Squeak Squad ROM file from direct download link.
  3. Install the emulator and open it to configure the various settings.
  4. Adjuts the display and controller settings according to the game.
  5. Load the ROM file from emulator and click on start button to play the game.

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